Who are we and what do we do?

Maplewell Hall School Council (MHSC) is made up of 1 student from each class. We meet once a week and talk about how we can improve our school experience. We come up with ideas for fundraising, how to make our school environment a happier, safer place to be, and we talk about how to improve our lessons.

We are also involved in interviewing staff and we show guests around.

We report all of our thoughts and ideas to the Senior Leadership Team who think about what we have said and report back to us.

Sometimes we invite adults to our meetings if we think we need to listen to their ideas first.

We have made our school a better place to be in lots of ways. Last year we made our school a safer place by helping to raise awareness of ladder safety because we noticed staff used chairs to reach notice boards.

Our School Councillors

Monday, 26 January 2009

Meeting with Mr Brooks

School Council reported back to Mr Brooks and expressed their concerns about the dangers in the hall caused by bags and coats. They put forward their thoughts and suggestions brilliantly - Mr Brooks was very impressed and promised to take it further.

There is a link to the meeting notes in the sidebar on the left - 26th January Minutes

Saturday, 17 January 2009

School Council Health and Safety Challenge

Last Monday, 4 members of the school council visited Babcock Aiports for a Health and Safety training day as part of their LEBC Enterprise Challenge. We had a really interesting day and have come back to school with some good ideas for how we can make our school a safer place for staff and students.

This Monday, they will report back to the full council, and in a week's time they will invite Mr Brooks, the Assistant Head and person in charge of Health and Safety, to listen to ourn ideas.

Well done to all those involved and many thanks to Babcock for your hospitality.